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Hello, I'm Kirsten.


Like many, I've navigated through the tumultuous journey of loss and pain, encountering life's harshest realities along the way. From the profound grief of losing loved ones, enduring the heartache of divorce, to the silent sorrow of miscarriage, my life has been a testament to resilience in the face of adversity.


My career as a former police officer introduced me to the somber realities of losing friends and colleagues to violence and suicide, each loss compelling me to resort to the only coping mechanisms I knew: to be strong and do it alone.

However, it was the revelation in 2017 of my adoption that brought my world to a standstill. This discovery, late in my life, felt like the unraveling of my very identity, dredging up every suppressed emotion from my past losses, which I believed I had overcome. My approach to grief, deeply rooted in intellectualization, provided understanding, but fell short of offering the emotional healing I desperately needed. This realization dawned upon me as I acknowledged the walls I had constructed around my heart, barriers that hindered my ability to forge genuine connections and fully embrace life.

The turning point came when I found the right tools to address the unresolved grief that had shadowed my existence. Embracing these tools not only facilitated my emotional recovery, but also allowed me to form the deep, meaningful connections I yearned for. This transformation has been nothing short of liberating.


Today, I am committed to fostering open and honest dialogues about grief, a subject that remains shrouded in misunderstanding. I'm equipped with advanced expertise as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist® and a Certified Personal Coach, who operates from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. My mission is to illuminate the path for others navigating the maze of loss, guiding them towards healing and connection.


My journey underscores the profound impact of confronting and resolving grief, a testament to the power of recovery and the human spirit's resilience.


Thank you for being here! Let's embark on this journey together, towards understanding, healing, and growth.

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