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“Grief is the normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind.
It is the emotional response to change.”
If you are here it’s likely you, or someone you know, is heartbroken from a death, divorce, or one of the forty other losses we can encounter in life. Since grief is the normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind, it’s possible to experience grief with any major transition or change in your life. 

If you have felt lost in how to deal with that emotional pain, it’s simply because you never had the proper tools to deal with it effectively!

Transitions Life Coaching proudly offers The Grief Recovery Method® in both individual and group formats. The beauty of this evidence-based, educational program is that it was built on the concept that each person’s loss is uniquely their own. It’s about taking effective action to move through and beyond the power of that emotional pain.


While the tools that are used to take this action are universal to ANY loss, their application is individual to your personal needs and situation.

It’s never too soon or too late to take recovery action...take your first step today!

What You Will Receive:

7-Week Grief Recovery Method Program

Free Discovery Call: Begin with a 30-minute call that provides a safe space for you to share your experience of loss, whether from death, divorce, or any significant life transition. This call is designed to ensure the Grief Recovery Method® is the right path for you, answering any questions and outlining how this program can specifically aid in your healing process.

1:1 Coaching Sessions: In the 7-week program, you'll engage in weekly 90-minute sessions specifically designed for your unique path through grief, anchored in the Grief Recovery Method®. These sessions are dedicated to creating a secure environment where you can openly share your feelings and emotions, setting the stage for your healing process. We'll concentrate on applying specific, evidence-based strategies from the Grief Recovery Method® to address and navigate your grief effectively, offering you practical healing techniques tailored to your individual needs in every session.

Weekly Homework Aligned with the Grief Recovery Method®: Alongside our sessions, you will receive weekly homework specifically crafted to complement the principles of the Grief Recovery Method®. These tasks are designed to facilitate deep personal reflection, encourage emotional expression, and promote healing actions. Each assignment aims to reinforce the session's insights and apply them in a practical, real-world context, helping you to navigate your grief with intention and progress steadily towards recovery.

Specialized Resources: Gain access to a selection of resources carefully chosen to complement the Grief Recovery Method®. These materials are designed to support you in understanding and navigating your grief, providing additional insights and strategies to aid in your recovery process.

Unlimited Support Tailored to Your Grief Recovery: During your grief recovery journey, you have my unlimited support between sessions. Whether you need guidance, encouragement, or a listening ear, I'm here to help you navigate your path to healing. This continuous support ensures you're not alone, keeping you focused and supported every step of the way.

Your Investment: $1500 + HST (Payment Plans Available)

This investment in your emotional well-being is a step towards healing from your loss and learning to move forward with life in a way that honors your experience and personal growth.

I look forward to exploring this journey with you!

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