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Reiki is a beautiful and beneficial energetic practice that can be used regularly to optimize your health and wellness. 


For your comfort, please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing as you will be fully reclined on a massage table.


During your session, you may feel heat, tingling sensations, energy shifting, or nothing at all. These sensations are how your body senses energy. Many people feel a sense of deep peace and relaxation which helps to activate your body’s own innate healing abilities. Some clients fall asleep during their session.


After your reiki treatment, you may feel more grounded and centred. You’ll also have an opportunity to share any feedback, if you so choose.


It is important to drink plenty of water to hydrate your body as your energy system may be moving at a more optimum rate and eat healthy food during the day to continue the healing process. It is also recommended that you spend time thoughtfully reflecting/journaling after your session as you may gain further insight or clarity as your body continues to process after the reiki session.

60 Min. Session / $125

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