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Helping You Navigate Life’s Transitions


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Meet Kirsten

The results that I achieved with Kirsten were beyond my expectations!  Thank you Kirsten for seeing me and creating the safe space for me to do the work.  I recommend Kirsten to anyone who is experiencing grief in any way and is ready to be supported to feel free."  J. H.

Life is about learning to adjust when things don’t happen as expected. As I learned to make these adjustments and to manage these events, the easier it became to acknowledge what I was grateful for in life and the more positive the events became. It felt more natural to be joyful and breathe easier through what life has to offer." - M.H.

"At first I wasn’t sure about this process or how it was going to give me any results. I’m surprised that with Kirsten’s exceptional listening skills and compassion, I was able to bring everything I was feeling on the inside to the outside. It felt safe to share. - D.C.

I am grateful for the tools I learned with Grief Recovery after the loss of my beloved Dad. What made this program truly exceptional was the guidance Kirsten provided through it. 

Her way of connecting and seeing what was below the surface helped me to reveal, deal with, and release many things I had suppressed or failed to recognize as affecting me.

I felt truly supported and the space she created allowed me to discover insights that felt almost magical!

I am grateful I was able to summon the courage to take the first step to reach out. And I am grateful for the time I shared with Kirsten and the growth that occurred because of it. - M.M.

“I am so grateful to Kirsten for helping me on my Grief Recovery journey. Moving forward, I now have the confidence and tools to create a healthy, happy life and the relationships to go with it!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You rock!” - K.C.

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Our Offerings


As a certified specialist, Kirsten uses The Grief Recovery Method®️ as the foundation of her work with those struggling with life's losses.

The Grief Recovery Method®️is not counselling or therapy but a safe, evidence-based, educational program proven to help individuals take effective and lasting action, no matter the type of loss they’ve experienced.

In association with The Grief Recovery Institute, Kirsten offers this transformative program to groups and individuals.

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Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a gentle energy technique that originated in Japan. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, reducing stress, and activating our body’s own natural healing ability. It complements other medical and therapeutic treatments and is used all over the world, including in hospitals and hospices.


Life coaching not only helps you break free of the obstacles that keep you feeling stuck, it invites you to reconnect to your true nature and purpose.

As a Transformational Life Coach, Kirsten can help you clarify and create the life you really want, whether it's creating and maintaining fulfilling relationships, setting and achieving personal goals, or manifesting optimal health and vitality

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As a compliment to all of our services, we offer small group events to build on the processes and discoveries found in our sessions. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive regular updates on upcoming events.

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