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Life is all about transitions. Transition means change. Most of us like predictability in our everyday lives and the unknown can cause a certain amount of fear and stress.


We all have blind spots and we often repeat the same thoughts and behaviours that keep us feeling limited and unhappy.  Life coaching not only helps you break free of the obstacles that keep you feeling stuck, but it invites you to reconnect to your true nature and purpose.


As a transformational life coach, I help my clients clarify and create the life they really want – creating and maintaining fulfilling relationships, setting and achieving personal goals, manifesting health and vitality.

Transitions Life Coaching addresses:

  • clarifying life and work goals

  • conscious manifesting – money, work, relationships

  • health and nutrition guidance

  • moving through stress and overwhelm to find clarity and peace

  • living intentionally, mindfully and in the present moment,


Life coaching inspires you to live in alignment with your dreams, rather than staying stuck in overwhelm and fear.

Transitions Life Coaching sessions are for those who want to live a life that is a reflection of who they truly are, and who want to consciously create a life of clarity, connection, and  courage as they expand into the fullest expression of themselves. Life coaching is a powerful practice that supports your desire to live an authentic, empowered and intentional life.

Available Packages

3 Month Coaching Package (1 hour, twice a month) $855 + HST

6 Month Coaching Package (1 hour, twice a month) $1700 + HST

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The moment in between what you once were,and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place.”

Barbara DeAngelis

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